Everything You Should Know About Internal Medicine at Queen Hospital

There exist more than 120 different medical specialities and further subspecialities. Thus, deciding which speciality best suits your health care needs can be a confusing and challenging task. More often than not, the confusion roots from the many services of an internal medicine physician. 

While there are certain similarities between internal medicine and other specialities, there are some obvious differences as well. To help you better understand internal medicine at Queen Hospital, how it operates, and why it’s important, we’ve crafted an in-depth guide down below:

What is Internal Medicine?

The American College of Physicians describes internal medicines as a science that perfectly represents the best of both worlds. This speciality combines the analytical and in-depth examination of lab science with a compassionate and personalized approach.

In this way, Internal Medicine allows experts to treat various common illnesses, as well as complex medical conditions. Expertises in this field of work also specialize in diagnosing and treating long-term, chronic illnesses including cardiovascular disease and Type 2 diabetes. 

Why is it Called Internal Medicine?

The world ‘Internal Medicine’ originates from the German word ‘inneremedizin.’ German physicians in the 1800s were trying to integrate extensive knowledge from bacteriology (the study of bacteria), pathology (the study of diseases), and physiology (the study of how the body functions) within their treatment plans.

Thus, the physicians found that the better and deeper they understood these subjects, the better equipped they were at assisting and treating their patients. These specialists were called internal medicine doctors due to the fact that their focus was on the ‘inner’ part of the diseases.

What’s an Internist and What do they Do?

Internal medicine physicians may also be known as ‘internists,’  ‘general internists’ or ‘doctors of internal medicine.’

Internists act as primary care physicians, however they are not family physicians, general practitioners or family practitioners. Instead, their training is not concentrated only on adults, but may also include obstetrics, surgery, and pediatrics.   

Internists typically meet patients suffering from complex conditions like hypertension, obesity, cardiovascular/heart diseases, chronic lung diseases, and diabetes. A primary care physician may consult with doctors and specialists in other fields of medicine. They may even be called by other specialists to consult on a certain patient. 

Internal medicine specialists typically take a closer look at how the systems in the human body work together. This is because they believe a problem in one area can cause potential complications and issues in other areas.

Internal Medicine at Queen Hospital

Internal medicine physicians and internists at Queen Hospitals apply in-depth scientific knowledge and clinical expertise to offer the best diagnosis and treatments. Plus, our proficient workers ensure compassionate care of adults regardless of how complex their health issues may be.

In addition, our Internists are highly-trained and highly-skilled in diagnosing complex and challenging medical issues. They also boast experience and skills in ensuring ongoing care of chronic illnesses, and caring for patients suffering from multiple diseases.  

On top of that, Queen Hospital’s internists specialize in disease prevention.

Top Doctors at Queen Hospital

Here’s a closer look at some of our leading doctors:

1.    Ahmed Adel Mohamed Ahmed

One of the best physicians at Queen Hospital, Ahmed Adel is a well-equipped and knowledgeable internal medicine consultant. This means you can count on him to help you walk down a better, healthier life.

2.    Mohamed Kamal Abdelbaky Mohamed Ibrahim

Boasting years of experience and expertise, Mohamed Kamal uses his extensive knowledge to diagnose and treat his patients.

3.    Shilpa Girish Rao

Shilpa Girish Roa is another one of our excellent physician dedicated to helping patients relieve symptoms of complex issues.

Internal Medicine vs. Family Medicine at Queen Hospital

In order to understand the many differences between family medicine and internal medicine, let’s take a step back and understand their origins and formations.

Internal medicine was established in the late 1800s when the medical field began growing more scientific. Experts began applying well-thought out scientific methods to various different adult diseases.

In the same fashion, pediatrics started developing as a brand new branch of medicine. Thus, during this time internal medicine started walking down its path to expansion as a field devoted to adult patients.

On the flip side, family medicine started emerging during the primary care movement during the 1960s. As medicine became a broader term, the medical field began pushing for better and continual care.

As people started advocating for the need and importance of long-term doctor-patient relationships, family medicine emerged as a solution. Thus, family medicine is devoted to comprehensive health care of entire families for people of all ages, instead of segmenting care by organs, type of diagnosis and treatments or age.  

How Is It Different From Other Hospitals?

Queen Hospital allows its patients to access healthcare of the highest quality. Dedicated to helping you lead a healthy and happy life, Queen Hospital boasts a team of skilled and highly-trained staff. Apart from internal medicine, it practices a wide variety of other medicines. Here are some of its specialities:

  • Dental health
  • Family medicine
  • Re-shape, nutrition plans, and surgical procedures
  • Women’s health
  • Mental illnesses  

Why Choose Our Services?

Situated in the heart of Villaggio Mall, Doha Qatar, Queen Hospital is the best option for individuals seeking quality healthcare. Let’s discuss some of the factors that make us shine from our competition:

  • Access to more than 5000 day care surgeries
  • Enjoy compassionate, quality, and cutting-edge healthcare
  • Our team of highly-skilled and proficient health care professionals diligently assess your problems to offer the more accurate diagnosis, treatment plans, and care for patients
  • We follow stringent guidelines and ensure excellent clinical practices to up keep our standard and offer first-rate quality services

To Sum it Up

Internists diagnose and treat their patients depending on their level of training and comfort level. To offer you nothing but the best quality services, Queen Hospital on-boards the best, highly skilled health care professionals.

Get the help you need and want by booking an appointment today! Venture onto our website and specify your needs to connect with the right professional.


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