Welcome to Queen Hospital

Queen Hospital is the first Boutique Hospital in Qatar operating for over 30 years now.
We offer centers of excellence of care, global and local expertise, state of the art facilities, VIP concierge healthcare, insurance and payment plans available for all services, dedicated lounge and parking.
We are proud to be part of developing the Qatar National Vision 2030 by supporting human, social and environmental development.
Experience Queen Hospital with its touch of exclusivity and personalized care. All of this in the middle of your shopping adventure in Villaggio Mall.

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to our website and brief you in short about the exciting story of Queen Medical.


Dr. Mamdouh Farid, BDS, MSc, HDD and Ph.D. (Manchester) Opens the first branch of Queen Dental Center in the city that time. It comprises a total of 4 operators’, a central sterilization station, and radiological facility and linked to a dental laboratory.

The second branch was inaugurated in the city center to extend the high-quality dentistry service offered by the queen dental team in a unique facility in Qatar adjunct to a mall. There are 8 dental operators’ in addition to the central sterilization station. They are equipped with digital panoramic extraoral and intraoral x-ray machine, intraoral cameras, whitening lamps, and soft laser machine.

Great Medical and the dental facility is established and is open now in the vicinity of the prestigious Villaggio mall side by side to the luxurious brands. It has a bed facility supplanted with operator’s room and recovery rooms. It will provide day care hospitalization and both inpatient and outpatient treatment of an internal standard backed by the latest radiology and laboratory facilities.

Dr. Mamdouh Farid, BDS MSc HDD and Ph.D. (Manchester)

We are proud to make every patient feel at home with the highest standards of care, experience and quality.

— Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

first branch of Queen Dental Center in the city that time.